A programmable LED electronic sign is a great way of conveying information to large groups of employees at the same time. These information display systems help employees monitor their own progress, which, in turn, helps improve morale and motivation. It also helps keeps management focused on results.

This product is ideally suited for many manufacturing applications including the Apparel, Construction & Engineering, Electrical Equipment, Machinery and Trading industries.

We have already provided such solutions to a leading tile manufacturer in the country, and have received favorable feedback.

Here are some things you can do with a LED display:

Show output, for example:

  • Up to the minute production information.
  • Actual production figures.
  • Comparisons against a target or a previous period.
  • Results for the business as a whole.
  • Units produced per minute, hour, day, machine, team or person at regular intervals.
  • Compare different production lines
  • Progress on achieving key performance indicators (KPI) on different strategic business units (SBU’s)
  • Charts and analysis.
  • Alert you to any production problems, for example, monitoring reject rates and comparing them to target or previous actual.
  • Record any stoppages on a production line, perhaps in a hidden page that you call up later for interrogation.
  • Show the status of your jobs in real time.
  • Safety status or a state of alert.
  • Remotely interrogate information stored in the display’s memory.


  • Make regular or one-off announcements.
  • Display messages of congratulation for outstanding performance.
  • Time keeping reminders.
  • Changes to working patterns, shifts, overtime etc.